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Parker Hurley for Mr Turk


Parker Hurley for Mr Turk

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makaylalion asked: I'm so in love with the Assassin AU!!!! How about one where Ty gets a call from his mom and Zane, Nick and Kelly are near and they discover that the big bad assassin is really a momma's boy. Ouh and maybe Ty is all like shy and almost teenager virgin kind of thing. Also... I'm just dying to know where he got that scar!!! Thank you so much for this!!! it's so awesome! big love xxx


Ty dug his phone out of his pocket and frowned at the screen. He glanced at Kelly, who raised an eyebrow, and over at Nick and Zane, who were at the table in Zane’s dining room going over paperwork.

Ty pointed at Kelly, his eyes chips of ice. “Not a fucking word,” he growled.

Kelly was about to ask what the hell when Ty answered the call, “Hey, Ma.”

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i watch for the plot. [part 24c/∞ž]

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Anonymous asked: Nick or Ty, will one of you pretty please share the friendly fire story? I have Guiness and pie.


Ty: I am really hesitant to share this since Nick is already all riled up.

Nick: I shot him. That’s the story. I shot my best friend and almost killed him and everyone thinks it’s fucking hilarious.

Ty: They think it’s hilarious because you won’t let me tell everyone what really happened.

Nick: Fine.

Ty: Okay. We were young, not in Recon yet, and we were in Helmand province trying to establish a military foothold. Nick was on duty at one of the roadway checkpoints. I was there to relieve him and I was waiting for the change of the guard. A kid began approaching the gate right around the change. The guards told him to stop, but he kept coming. Nick and I started yelling in Farsi for him to stop, but he kept coming. And finally the guards had to pull their guns on him.

Nick: He was just a fucking kid. He still had baby teeth. He hit the dead zone, but I couldn’t pull the trigger.

Ty: So when the bomb went off, he was closer than the dead zone. The blowback caught us, and when Nick’s back hit the ground, his gun went off.

Nick: The kid died anyway, I was damn near charged with dereliction of duty, I still have shrapnel embedded in my femur, and I woke up to my best friend bleeding out with my bullet in him.

Kelly: Jesus Christ. Why haven’t you ever told us that story before?

Owen: Because the next time we encountered a kid in a field, Nick took the shot without flinching and you called him a soulless son of a bitch and wouldn’t speak to him for a week.

Kelly: Fuck.

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Thomas Beaudoin

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You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got.

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Washington D.C. from the Washington Monument, c. 1911 Read More


Washington D.C. from the Washington Monument, c. 1911

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